I’ve been predicting this weeks post, but I’m overworked and between that, the progress of the floor and others have been unable to publish it, as I told you we did a facelift to the kitchen, and you @ will say … “If this pretty”, for me it was ok, not my taste, or color preferences but hey, the kitchen is new and well yet …

1. I did not like the red, it felt scratchy, the house will be very neutral and that red “do not hit me” or subject that come as standard.
Two. The bar was a little scratched
Three. Red crystals with flecks of deterioration

Or are looking for a solution or were of those things that you choke and do not like it DO NOT LIKE … and not going to go through the eye never so well was BEFORE …

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cocina (1)

The budget was limited (but the change does not sneak) you know men …. they all look good … After much head warm me was the following