The best colors for restful sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night you may think that your problem is caused by everyday stress, snoring, your partner, or news that you just saw on TV. If you were to make a list of the things you lose sleep probably would not take into account the color of your bedroom and that is why we want to share you a recent survey conducted by Travelodge (hotel chain) in England in which connection is made between the colors of your bedroom and the quality of your sleep.


Maybe you’re thinking that you sleep in the dark, eyes closed and then not see the color of the bedroom, but the study demonstrates that color affects our brain before we fall asleep.

Here are some of the most relevant details of the study:

Colors winners:
1. The best color for sleep is blue or sky blue. The people in the study slept an average of 7.52 hours in the bedroom painted blue. Apparently this is because in the retina are ganglion cells: these cells are responsible for sending information to the brain to control the rhythms of 24 hours and are especially sensitive to color azul.Además, as we have seen in our color psychology posts, blue low heart rate and breathing.

Two. Surprisingly, the color that follows the sleep blue is yellow reported, especially in soft and warm tones. The warm tones of yellow stimulate the nervous system and calm the nerves.
Three. The color that continues to get more sleep is the green (7.36 hours), and people in the study who reported sleeping on green bedrooms up feeling happy and with a positive mind.
April. The silver color (which is not the same as gray) green follows the restorative hours of sleep (7.33 hours) and is therefore is an ideal color for bedrooms because it mimics the reflection of the moon which sends signal the brain that it is time to sleep
May. The orange color creates a stable atmosphere and firming and even could help in digesting dinner people usually large meals before bedtime. It also said that relaxes muscles, which is a great help to rest.

The colors are not recommended:
1. The dark gray … but fashion is a color study participants reported feeling alone and abandoned in the bedrooms painted in this color so that on average only managed to combine an average of 6 hours of sleep.

According to this study 2.De the color purple is the worst color for the bedroom as it is a color that stimulates the brain much creativity, so it is difficult to “turn the switch” mental bedtime.

The sexy color:
Surprise! The red color is the color most passionate in the bedroom! According to Travelocity studying couples in bedroom resting caramel are more romantic and loving each other.

Other tips:
Besides color, the bedroom decor trends have evolved to achieve that Spa feeling we long … here we leave you with some recommendations:

* Make sure that the space look clean, without much embellishment. Prefer sheets and blankets in white or neutral colors. Avoid flowers and very large designs.

* The high and upholstered headboards screwed to the wall have replaced wooden beds and prevents the footboard to better see the TV.

* Decorative pillows are no longer used in large quantities. The tendency is to imitate the beds in the hotels where you see the pillows on the bedspread and there is one long cushion sometimes accompanied by a throw at the foot of a bed.

* The lamps in the nightstand are functional but have become a decorative element. Designers prefer the glass, which have bases enamelled in bright colors or inspired by nature, with textured finishes.

Tell us your experience! Have you ever had to change the color of your bedroom because they let you sleep? What color was it?

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