The decorative vinyl

The decorative vinyl is available in various sizes and colors. The vinyl single is the silhouette. The background color is the color of your wall. The vinyls are easily placed on any smooth and clean. Vinyl is a very strong adhesive that offers many possibilities of decor and that makes us the monkey chromaticity from the walls, doors or ceilings.


Giving a special touch to the environment and even integrating with certain figures, achieving a result that will solve combinatorial problems without making a large investment. The designs are silhouettes whose background will be the surface where it is placed, this place should be smooth and not have ridges or imperfections, and be very clean, free of dust and grease, this will ensure long life of the ornament.

The vinyl can be placed on walls, doors, windows or furniture, for this, you must thoroughly clean and dry the surface location.
If you want to paint furniture with vinyl siding, pay special attention to the preparation, or failure to reach proper paint adhesion. Because vinyl siding are the most appropriate furniture for membership, new finishes are rejected unless properly treated before application. You can promote adhesion to the surface by abrasion with sandpaper vinyl. Once the vinyl is well conditioned, be able to generate a finish time duration.

• Wipe furniture with vinyl siding with soap, water and a rag. Rinse the soap with wet cloths vinyl. Wipe the vinyl with towels.
• Encourage adherence to the surface by abrasion of the vinyl layer with sandpaper. Browse vinyl siding until it feels rough to the touch.
• Place furniture with vinyl siding on the top. Covering parts of furniture you do not want painted with painter’s tape blue low grip.
• Vinyl siding cover worn with acrylic latex primer, using a brush manufactured for use with water-based paints. Wait two hours for the furniture are prepared dry.
• Wash the brush with water.
• Cover the vinyl coating prepared with acrylic latex paint. Apply paint to the vinyl layer.
• Wait two hours for drying finished furniture. Apply another coat if you have inadequate coverage.



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