The disadvantages of windows to attic

As we have seen the roof windows offer solutions for everyone but we must not forget the disadvantages we have mentioned briefly earlier. By their very location roof windows are very exposed to the sun as the weather. rays of the sun, the effect is multiplied by the glass surface, they tend to heat up quickly if not properly shielded environments . In winter it can be an advantage, in summer it is much less.As the windows are exposed to the sun so are the rain that the noise on the glass, it can become unpleasant .


As the windows follow the slope of the water table and get up just a few centimeters to the roof in winter tend to be covered with snow that ends up obscuring the window . Obviously, both in case of snow to rain, it is impossible to open the window.And now we come to what is perhaps the most serious defect of roof windows and it is often difficult to find a definitive solution: the condensate .

Condensation is a phenomenon due to an abrupt change in temperature between the two surfaces. The windows are the most sensitive part of the house to condensation because they are the most cold and even more so are the windows to the roof, as we have repeatedly said.

Sometimes condensation can build up on the windows to the attic to drip copiously on the floor and then you have to look absolutely a solution. The solutions are often not definitive but may greatly limit the undesirable effect. More inside the attic moisture content is high, and the higher the risk that the condensate is concentrated on the window of the roof. In these circumstances it is quite clear that, if it were possible, it would be better to find an alternative solution to roof windows when we choose to illuminate environments where moisture naturally tends to develop as bathrooms and kitchens .It ‘also preferable to avoid the presence of plants in the attic and do not dry linen in public , especially should follow the golden rule which imposes a natural ventilation.

Proper ventilation is achieved by opening the windows wide for five minutes at least three or four times during the day . These few minutes to ensure proper ventilation of the rooms but not significantly lower the temperature.

The radiators of the heating system should be placed under each window and, if possible, should open an air intake on a wall and a ceiling in such a way that the air does not stagnate in the premises.The condensate is not seriously harms the windows to the attic which are treated to resist quietly this drawback, but may present mold and stains that can be removed with bleach and water, or with a slight sanding of the surface of the wooden window.

The dormer windows are an aesthetically very good for lighting the attic.Often the term dormers will also indicate the roof windows but here, in this article, we discuss the structures of meaning dormers, wood or masonry, which get up than the pitch of the roof and go to open a window placed vertically . The dormer windows are joined to the main flap of the roof by means of small flaps placed above them (at least in the most classic version).

The dormer windows are like the crown of the roof and architectural structures that can also occur as part of the facade arise when a strand in it at the bottom of the pitch of the roof.When a skylight is well built , and its structure is consistent with the type of the house, it goes to enrich aesthetically latter, looking from the outside, and makes it much more livable environment in the attic, from the inside.

dormer structureThe dormers make it somewhat more spacious attic and , in contrast to roof windows, have elements of practicality more:
Through the dormer window will enter in to the roof can be much more easily (unless, as we have said, the window is not placed flush with the front of the house)The cleaning of the dormer window is much simpler than that of the roof window The skylight can be better than a soundproof roof window
The dormer window may, where appropriate, open even in case of rain or snow Given these advantages point out some disadvantages:
The construction of a dormer is certainly more complicated than the installation of a roof window The structure must be solid and well designed to withstand even strong wind gusts, the structure being more exposed roof Compared with roof windows, increasing the surface area of ​​the structure, increase accordingly also the critical points through which there could be water seepage For the rest of the structure of a dormer window is not particularly complicated as we can see in the diagram presented above. Obviously a lot depends on the size and style dell’abbaino because, over the centuries, man’s imagination has been satisfied in the construction of these architectural details.