The headboards in decorating

Have you ever thought why we use headboards in decorating? For some, like the followers of Feng Shui, the ancient Oriental art that allows the environment is in balance and to provide us with positive energy, these elements cause many effects on our daily lives. For others, however, is just one element, like a photograph could be above the bedside table or a picture on the wall. What is clear is that the head serves to frame the bed and give you a topic to furniture and is super helpful to avoid bumping into the wall.


Feng Shui
Today, the headboards are accessories almost indispensable among bedroom furniture, especially in the double rooms. Like I said, according to Feng Shui, the headboard is also very important in our life. Given that the bedroom is the room where we revitalized and filled with energy, this element should be placed in a certain way and must be made ​​of certain materials . In terms of their orientation, depending on the design of the room.
Current Headers
When choosing a headboard must take into account different factors. First, you should know that today headers have nothing to do with those made ​​years ago. Formerly it was normal to find them in wood or metal and welded together pieces. However, at present typically one piece , rectangular or square, but always covering the full width of the bed, minimum. Moreover, nowadays usually come along with the bed.

Before choosing the head the first thing to do is think about the rest of the bedroom decor, but it is also very important that you consider your own needs . The trends show that fashion colors are earth, chocolate, wine and black, although color par excellence in this furniture is white , which is also ideal for finding peace is needed in the home stay. In Furniture Boom find several models in white, as this headboard upholstered in PIELecotextil.
You can find the headers in different materials. The padded and upholstered , for example, are ideal if you tend to watch TV or read in bed, and you will also backup. They are particularly suitable for minimalist and modern bedroom. Yes, we recommend that if you give a lot of use to the headboard, opt for dark colors to hide stains, as this headboard upholstered in PIELecotextil unique style and modern design, adaptable and committed to innovation and quality, designed to integrate in any environment, meeting the needs of users with multiple finishing options, high quality materials.

You can also opt for wrought iron headboards, which are very aesthetic. This type of headboard is ideal for bedrooms vintage and large rooms, which are very light and visually. An example is this headboard in black.

For its part, wooden headboards can give your bedroom a touch rustic . It is also a very warm and cozy materials. In the Boom Furniture find different shades and in different styles.

In terms of size, keep in mind that if you intend to use the headboard for support, it must cover the entire back. However, in some cases high headboards can be overwhelming in a small
room or dark.



















tufted nailhead headboard



upholstered headboard king