The hidden kitchen Wonderful


In many homes today the kitchen shares space with the living room and many that idea does not quite convince. Sitting on the couch watching TV or chatting with friends and cooking while remaining within the same range some do not like, so there are designers who propose the option to hide it.

In the image above these lines you can see the hidden kitchen Warendorf, well, you can not really see it, because as is clear is hidden behind a large board with powdered oxide finish. But with the push of a button the panel up and leaves it a perfectly functional kitchen, with its area of ​​preparation, cooking and sink, we will see.


hidden kitchen 2

The panel completely hides the kitchen and everything we have on the counter too, small electrical appliances, pots or trays with food and this is one of its main advantages. Actually the kitchen in the living room does not have to be uncomfortable, but the problem is that if we have the kitchen in the living room are required to keep it tidy almost permanently, however if we can hide it can be a little more flexible with the theme the order inside.


Besides the fact that the kitchen has the panel to hide does not mean that we have to be always hidden, we can leave it to the view whenever we want, and the two ways to look good in the living room, both open and closed. A kitchen like this can be perfect for homes with large open spaces such as lofts.

Of course within the kitchen area hidden by the panel, we also have the kitchen and sink, other appliances and ample storage. Especially important in this case the hood, high power to ensure that the environment is free of fumes and cooking odors and integrated lighting.