The keys on the exterior decoration

When decorating outside , we pay attention to the distribution and certain factors. Here we give the keys to a good exterior decoration.  The exterior decoration takes center stage in the spring and summer months, and the gardens, terraces and porches are the stars at this time. So if you have an outdoor space in our home, we will pay attention to both the decor and the distribution and will spend many hours and moments in those spaces.

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 The keys on the exterior decoration:
Climate of stay
One of the important factors to achieve appropriate decoration on decks, porches and gardens is to consider the weather. Not the same decorating on a very hot area in another cooler. If for example is a very sunny and warm is essential to have a beautiful umbrella . Conversely, if the zone is cooler , it is important to be protected from possible flows. .

 Maintenance of stay
As with the previous factor, in this case the maintenance will be totally different depending on the weather to have. In addition, the furniture chosen for each type of stay will also be different because some require more maintenance of furniture are very exposed to the sun or inclement weather different. In winter it is recommended that they are protected . .

 Area of stay
The space is essential before starting to decorate any garden, patio or porch. Not be the same a large garden with space, a smaller terrace . The key is to find complete and suitable furniture for each space. .

 Uses of stay
Before decorating, we must also take into account the use to which it will provide. For example, if you have enough room and there are children at home, you can decorate a terrace with a play area . On the other hand, if it is to be used as outdoor dining , will be conditioned with a large table for it. .

 Integrated with the surrounding decor
Another aspect to consider is the integration with the environment. Not the same decorate a garden or cottage a city terrace. In the case of the first two is recommended that be much more integrated in nature, but in the case of a terrace of town, you can make a decoration more urbanite . .

Style for stay
The style to decorate the exterior room is also very important. Each style will need some accessories and furniture depending on the above factors, we must use a type of furniture or another. It is not the same a Mediterranean style a style chill out , terrace romantic style or a terrace of Zen .


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