The latest models of curtains for living room

Beyond the furniture , the color of the walls and coffee tables, the curtains will create a harmonious space between all elements of your living room. Therefore, choosing the right one for your living room is not something to be done lightly.  Among many models of curtains and fabrics that will serve to make your own curtains, it’s difficult to choose the ideal one. But something is very true in these times: stay away from conventional shades do not change for years, and encourage to innovate with colors, patterns, materials and textures totally different. In this note, we give you a few ideas to revamp your living room curtains.


In general, the curtains should not break the harmony in space, on the contrary, should fit perfectly with the decor considering the colors. A good way to choose the perfect curtains for your room is having as reference the color of your furniture set.

Patterned curtains for your living
Fashion trends also impregnated decor trends-and vice versa-spaces, so large and lively prints will travel to your home. The best way to combine patterned curtains in dark colors is to make a complete decoration in two colors only. A clear base color-as pastel shades of pink, melon, beige or cream, and a stronger one, which will take the prints and modern share the environment.
In a matter of the prints, which always has been and will be a good choice for your living room is the floral print . Whether large or small flowers, roses or daisies, with leaves or branches, the floral print is very feminine and delicate detail that adds warmth to your living room.
In this picture, you can see how the living room is just beautiful. The atmosphere is not too ornate, because the walls are very light colored and nice-something that I always recommend when it comes to rooms-, and details like pictures and sofa cushions are exactly the same color of the curtains .
But for environments with less light-natural or artificial-will definitely pick curtains in lighter colors. In just a moment, your room can go from a dark and ancient air to a room fresh, clean and modern.

In fact, this type of curtains are better suited for smaller spaces, where we need to add light to the environment. But beware, that does not mean you should limit yourself to white curtains, with light colors like blue or lilac, your living room will have a vintage touch. As always, it is a nice touch curtains combine with anything else in the room. For example, the cushions.
However, it is not necessary that the curtains are exactly the same pattern of pads, for example, it is essential that at least be of the same colors. In the image below, the curtains have a flower print in fuchsia and pink on a cream background, while the cushions have completely different patterns, but with the same colors. Cute, is not it?

Colorful curtains lit
Leaving aside the curtains and patterned, other shades that will modernize your space are certainly shades of bright colors and vibrant. They are another great way to add more light to your living room, not to mention you can include your favorite color in the decor.

You thought include red curtains in your room? Do not fear! Red is one of those colors that are timeless, and always demonstrate boldness and fun and modern personality. Yes, I recommend you let the red color only is the protagonist, do not want to saturate the environment with more colors.


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