The Most Important Furniture Trends 2014

The beginning of the year is traditionally the time of the great trade fairs. Whether home textiles and consumer goods in Frankfurt or furniture at the International Furniture Fair (IMM) in Cologne: In the major exhibition centers of Germany, the manufacturers present their latest creations and create new trends. Evaluate the offer really on his potential trend towards only industry insiders, the ordinary visitor loses the fair turmoil usually sometime overview. Ursula Geismann, Trendanalystin at the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) has been looking at the world’s largest furniture fair and these furniture trends 2014 identified.


Comfort is something typically German for the furniture expert. “I think the word can not be properly translated into English,” says trend expert of the VDM. Also in Asia is unknown a home that does not assist mainly the everyday life, but simply to get security. But the Germans love: come home, take a deep breath, just be yourself. And that is now the large living trend of furniture industry in 2014, the manufacturers want to depict with their furniture.

Comfort is 2014, the home and furnishing trend par
What’s so new? Basically nothing. But it is now being implemented differently and clearly bemühter. “That was already there – but today coziness has a different quality,” explains expert living Geismann. “It is no longer a decorated gondola on the shelf which is lit cheesy.” Rather, it related to the prevailing mood: The room is thanks lamps are not just bright, it is illuminated smart and accentuated. In the glass display cases are not just glasses, they are now set with LED Spots scene. On the beds and the sofas are not two pillows, but as many we can accommodate. It’s about the perfectly staged home, around feel good.


“I think that this claim to the living continues to increase,” predicts Geismann that observed for many years, the trends in living. “People have become more sensitive when it comes to the living., You have figured out that they are 340 days a year at home, and they want to make it beautiful.” Markus Majerus, spokesman for the fair IMM Cologne, confirms: “The work-life balance is shifting, it is the people, although still important that they have a good job and earn good money, but is becoming increasingly important now leisure…”

Individuality of the second large living and interior design trend 2014
But as much as the manufacturers are also trying to comfort and around the “perfect home”: The facility must never look the same today. Individuality is the second major trend of living. It used to be: Was the green trend color, just bought all gradually furniture, tiles and textiles in green.

The same goes for furniture trend of the past as the long time unavoidable living walls, “decorate” a relic of past times still many living rooms. A kidney-shaped table was allowed temporarily in any apartment whose owner was holding something on his sense of style, are missing. Today there despite all trends such diversity that no other apartment even remotely the same needs.


“There are no large rigorous exercise more, which must all follow,” says Fair spokesman Majerus. “Everyone is looking away from many streams together his own style.” Top of Individualiätstrends are probably the sofa tables, whose aluminum braces are distributed at random, so that in spite of industrial production, every table is unique.

IMM 2014: Those were the highlights for the furniture expert
Trendanalystin Geismann has another opportunity at hand, the Individualitätstrend map also home to himself – and to bring at the same time with the new comfort in harmony: “The latest trend while sitting around the dinner table is the Esssessel of different colors and shapes,” explains Geismann. The Upper Franconian furniture manufacturer Brühl about placed comfortably upholstered chairs in a variety of colors from red to dark blue to turquoise around the same table.



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