The paintings in black and white

The paintings or photographs in black and white are often a representation of the past. They awaken in us memories of childhood through people, relatives and friends as well is of the places we visited and to which we are attached and some landscapes. In recent years, in black and white photos have found use in the field of interior decoration. It should be noted that nowadays the white and black are the color scheme request in furnishing and decoration of the rooms.


What are the strengths of photographs and paintings in black and white? First of all, we must emphasize their universal character: they are perfectly suited for all environments regardless of the style and function of the room. The paintings in black and white, positioned in classic or modern, blend well with the other pieces of furniture, and are a great backdrop for accessories colors of pi ù strong and intense. The paintings in black and white we can use them to decorate the interior white.

Works of art in black and white, sad and seemingly trivial, are able to give an original touch to our rooms and at the same time make them more elegant. A great solution is to place in our environment abstract paintings in black and white that often represent various geometric patterns: stripes, circles, etc., or the pi ù several floral. We can choose a hand-painted, a print on canvas or a print on Plexiglas. In some cases, the white and the black are added gold accents: it is a very elegant combination, ideal to give glory to our rooms.

The abstract paintings in general leave us a great freedom interpretation.To decorate our rooms with paintings in black and white, we can also bet on the town square ‘ .The paintings in black and white, despite appearances, they can stimulate our imagination and give us the opportunity fill in our interiors with new colors, using the imagination. In addition, works of art and photographs in black and white make a great gift for a loved one on the occasion of his birthday, Christmas, or the feast of love.













Black and White Living Room