Three alternatives to the bedside table


The bedside table is the perfect complement to a good bed. It is important to have in the bedroom of a surface or a place in which to place some things that we use in the off hours. But the point is that there does not have to be a conventional bedside table but can be replaced by another element.

There are many creative ways to put the corner of the bed so that she can place a reading book, alarm clock, a packet of tissues or a glass of water among other things. So let’s see some stylish alternatives for changing the bedside table on the other element which performs the same function.


Original table ladder

It occurs to me that a good option might be a small staircase of two or three steps. Has always been some stools have double function, trim and staircase, surely you have seen before. Now we can add one more function and use as a bedside table. Each step can serve as a small shelf.


Original bedside table

Another option is to choose to support and complement more conventional storage. That is, we can use as a side table nightstand anyone, not having been designed as a bedside table can serve its function well. Now that they’re old fashioned contrasts with modern complentar can now design a bed with a vintage table.


Using a chair as a bedside table is already becoming a classic. Many people prefer not to buy tables and placed a chair beside the bed, it also allows us to have an extra seat if you ever need it. In addition to the amount of chair models that are no doubt we have styles to choose from.

There are other options such as using suitcases or trunks, suitcases can be stacked in groups or we can choose a single trunk which also serve as table provides extra storage space. Some also use a wall shelf as bedside table or even a swing . There are many elements that serve as table, you just have to have a little imagination.