Three guest rooms to receive a big


It is a pleasure to receive guests, if you have a nice place to accommodate them (and the guests are educated, of course). Today we found three spots to those friends who come during the summer weekends if you’re on the coast or the winter when you’re on the mountain.

They are also very good ideas if your dwarves are supporters of the “pajama’s partys” or have a lot of family and like to reunite comfortably. The interior Lauren Averett designed this bedroom that has been carried out by TNT Cabinets. It is design in which the beds are separated by dividing walls, as if it were a single cabinet, with drawers and headboard built, but embedded in the wall. Simple and all the attention is color textiles and wood panels.


The next bedroom is also built but approaches the top of the room. This is a design for a renovated barn. A very good choice of colors and materials for a fun bedroom of a holiday home. Furthermore voids are large which means that not only is intended as child’s bedroom, but also for adults.


Our last room is located in a hut and is part of a summer camp, but it is a very good idea if you gather several families with children over a long season. It’s the same idea paneled bedroom, but with wood headboards making sole separation. Again who charge are textiles ownership and each cubicle / bed has its own lamp for reading without disturbing others.

How do you stay guest bedroom?