Tiles that change color

Today we show you something really interesting, some decorative tiles for our bathroom that change color depending on the temperature in the room. A fun addition tiled our bathroom will look completely different, it’s like having several baths in one.


There are some specialty houses like Moving Color who have decided to bet heavily on this type of product. They work with various materials. For example ceramic tiles are the most used. A brilliant tiles that react to temperature change varying in hue.Considering that the bathroom is a place where the temperature varies a lot, this is the best place to use this type of material, and is that a simple shower hot water, can be varied in seconds the total temperature and humidity of the room in the home.

The ideal area to place it in the shower or bath, or even sink, but these houses have designed other decorations perfect for this space need not be placed at these locations.

The truth is that it is an ideal choice. Regarding the quality of the material is the same, durable and strong. But also is incorporated, as is evident, a plus technology making it far more attractive. If we like the fact we do not doubt, as few modern materials can provide this added decorative.

In the case of signature Moving Color, bids in their products are broad. We can choose to Northen Nights, a glass tile black color that gradually change color with temperature. The tiles are crystals Tye-Dye inspired psychedelic world. The Water Color change color on contact with water, instantly becoming tonality once dry.

Color changing bathroom tiles

Color Changing Tiles



Tiles that change color

Tiles that change colors