Timeless Reform In The Kitchen

More ideas for reforming the kitchen. This is one of those inspiring reforms that fits most cases: ordinary kitchen, look old, normal size budget. The result is superb thanks to a great job planning prior decorative elements.That said, a kitchen average. But the lines will remain after the reform, as shown in the following:

Re-Form Kitchens

great lamp detail once again find the personal touch hanging from the ceiling. The plaster relief screamed it. I also love the central island with marble counter top half and half wood.
Very nice color range: wood floors, cabinets and drawers navy blue coating type white subway tile . The contrast of the set is very successful but due to the small size lacks light at the bottom.

Also great metal lockers, very fashionable, one of the top-selling ikea
other magnetic gadgets fanatic. I have a few and I do nothing but constantly collect soil but they have something that prevents me from getting rid of them. This kitchen is now a cozy place that we do not mind spending a lot of time at home.The style of the kitchen makes it a timeless element of the house, you probably will not need more reforms in many years. A project full of personal touches.

Reforms in the kitchen seem to be fashionable but it is also true that many times are necessary, plus they are the reforms that most add value to our current home. before starting you have to ask the following questions:

What are needs and what are wants?
His kitchen is a disaster area, it can not even boil an egg or just want to renew the look of your kitchen with new appliances, furniture, floor, etc.. Council: In order to save money is important to separate the needs from desires. A need can be the kitchen cabinets, a desire to be a dishwasher. I love her but is not necessary in my life.
Is it worth taking the time to reform the kitchen?
Want to have workers in your home for a long period of time? Have the time and money to do this? Even if it is more expensive reforms, the value of aid reform for the future value of the home if you decide to sell or rent.
Reform? Whole or only parts of the kitchen?
Be honest with yourself, is a comprehensive reform of the kitchen or above reform is a reform that only superficial. No matter your choice it is important that you know what you want.
How I can reduce the cost of kitchen reform?
Think about this before you begin to reform. If it’s something you can do yourself or is best left to the professionals and / or companies of reforms, whatever your answer, you can have great savings with both.

Do you have great ideas for reforming the kitchen? but how do you turn that dream into reality kitchen?
Hire a professional. Find a qualified professional who is dedicated to reforms kitchens.
Doing it yourself. spends no money to pay anyone to do the work, but time is lost or delayed completion dates because it takes time to learn to do certain reforms.
Make yourself the role of the contractor. A tempting option. You can hire carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other subcontractors and save the company committee of reform, but this makes the whole responsibility and work is yours.

Depending on the configuration of your kitchen, you may need to make major reforms work in the kitchen. Are you adding or replacing windows? Remove windows? For more space for kitchen furniture? If we break a wall and enlarge the kitchen space and leave open type kitchen? Until the minimum reforms pose kitchen build or remodel a part of the kitchen. Winning space and light, reversing the location of such an opening or placing screens or folding doors is an interesting option. If you decided to do it yourself and learning as it does, it will be a slow process. The kitchen plumbing and electricity are not unions that are fast learners. But if you have hired a company to reforms, will see how quickly the reforms professionals, plumbers and electricians make plumbing and electrical installation.

You must ask for building permits at this time. The licenses must be for electricity, plumbing, and construction. You may also need a permit for the water if you have to make a reform in the water supply or drainage. If you hire a company they will take care reform permits, if you will do it is time to learn and get the necessary permits. Find your local council ever since the requirements of the work permit may vary from one municipality to another. More …


Your new kitchen can have an island with a sink in the middle, or a refrigerator that makes ice automatically. You can also decide to move the sink to another place. In either case, it is obvious that you will need a plumber who does all the plumbing to adapt to this new kitchen setting. At this stage you add new water supplies, pipes and fittings for new sinks, dishwasher and / or refrigerator. A very necessary expense is the replacement of equipment. The plumbing and electrical circuits must be in perfect condition, not just a matter of running but also because this is essential to our security.


I should have at least one wiring 200 A (amps) to provide a modern kitchen. If less than this, you will need to make electricity reform to increase the capacity of the outlets. This is something that has to be done by a professional electrician. Electricians change old for new cables to power the appliances, plus the lighting in the kitchen. If you choose to do it yourself, it is easier to create new cable circuits have to deal with a nest of old wiring. Besides this we have to be cautious to locate outlets in appropriate locations so that they do not cause domestic accidents, which are caused by the presence of water and moisture sources found in the kitchen and bathroom. If the sockets are located near a faucet, must be protected by covers to prevent entry of water or moisture in the plug. now the kitchen begins to take shape and starts to look like a kitchen.