Tips for Choosing a kitchen extractor

It is a key device to avoid bad smells and smoke, here, we compiled a series of tips to choose the best version,The function of a kitchen extractor is to remove the fat that is in suspension, smoke, odors and steam, through a combination of filtering and air evacuation. This appliance is a fundamental part, especially in departments with integrated kitchens boys and studio apartments.

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In kitchens that feature an outdoor exit, ideally an extractor to expel 100% air. The flow must be extracted 8 times per hour which contains the kitchen, always depending on usage. A simple equation is to multiply the length of the space by height and width of the space, and then subtract 30% (which is what I take, on average, the furniture and other items).
Do not use a corrugated or flexible conduit or crush in the installation.
Should be tightly sealed all joints.

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To reduce noise, we must use a No. 24 metal or PVC pipe, conduit and secure to prevent vibrations that can damage the extractor.
It is important that the bell has shielded iron motors and not plastic, to prevent grease from and adhere. It is especially relevant that has multiple speeds and a check valve to prevent the return of odors and fumes into the kitchen once the power is off.
It is better to start the engine prior to cooking to prevent overheating and more easily eliminate odors.
Do not leave fires burning with the hood off. For cleaning is recommended to avoid abrasive scouring pads and products that may scratch the surface.
Clean the exterior with a soft cloth and detergent, rubbing horizontal movement to prevent scratches.
In recirculating hoods, carbon filters must necessarily change once a year for the debugger system to function properly.
To keep the system clean, odorless and running smoothly, you have to clean the filters. In general, the metal require a weekly hygiene disposables while there wadding replace them once a month or wash them by hand with care not to deform.


– Ideally, the width of the hood (when not furniture or walls is limited) exceeds at least 15cm to the kitchen, and is located between 0.60my 1m height above the cooking surface when the kitchen is Gas (for power may be to 0.50m). The exhaust duct must have a section from 10 to 12cm.

– The choice will depend on the engine meter duct, number of turns and frequency of use. They may have an internal or external engine and must be: A) Suction, when the hood motor sucks air generated by cooking, completely eliminating airborne particles generated. B) From carbon filter, when the bell sucking fumes and gases, passes through a carbon filter that purifies the air and returned clean to the environment. .

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