Tips for cleaning curtains

Good morning friends, in the space now I leave you with some tips to clean the curtains.It’s great to know what type of fabric are talking about, it is necessary to proceed to more correct cleansed of it.Great is to have good information about this topic … remember that these textiles are also stained!


For the best care, maintenance and cleaning, here are some good tips. Also get achieve keep for much longer.For they are well polished, you have to clean them very well in four or five months, tops. Remember also vacuuming regularly, at least every two weeks to remove accumulated dust.
It is very important that in the time to clean the curtains you have, you have to remove them from above. So take off his hooks or what have you and ready to introduce them in the washer.
Also you can put in the bath, if you have and go with water changes .. and will remain great.
It is very important that you take notice of the washing label, having the curtains of the house. This way you will know if they can or not machine washable.
If you can machine wash them, try to use cold water .. shrink in case. He adds a delicate cycle like detergent. With a good softener, fall off a delicious aroma.
If you like, share a good trick to make your curtains remain as the first day. Hang, once washed, wet curtains .. in this way .. thanks to the weight will stretch and so avoid having them that high temperature ironing.
Choose a softener that emits a pleasant smell, so they are dry and hung .. your curtains .. I will invade a good aroma.
I hope these great tricks you find them useful. Here you have an image of great curtains.


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