Tips for lawn care

The garden can be one of the most striking features of the house and meeting place par excellence. No matter where you live or the type of plants you like, with a little care and good planning you can get a wonderful garden that you and your family can enjoy for many years. The most important thing when creating or garden is that you enjoy doing.

Gardenia Plant Care

How to care for the garden
At the time of the arrangement of a garden or a vegetable garden, we must remember what species are going to plant , and how it would work depending on the soil each is asked to.
A good way to realize is observing neighboring gardens, squares and all species that grow around us, then we can discover whether it is beneficial to use, stones, wood, reeds or different materials we find in our area.

With this simple advice that our plants avoid getting sick, contracting fungi, weeds and the garden in case you think build one, give much less work and can be integrated to the rest of the garden giving a very natural and fresh touch, and of country.
When we should know to get the dry branches, or those who are sick, is paramount, just as the leaves are on the ground or around the plant.
You must have adequate information for plant pruning it in the most productive seasons, according to the weather.

Pests are a big problem for the garden , be careful to prevent it is the recommended setting, but if the infestation progresses, try taking various measures to prevent further spread.
Practical advice a password is recommended that plants and leaves can be with a plague, you should definitely prune and burn to completion with progress.
The sun is very harmful if given directly to the plant can dry out very quickly, you can put an awning to coat a bit, but always keeping the amount of light so that they can grow strong and vital.

Finally the practical tips are according to fertilizer use, try using natural fertilizers are much healthier and less harmful than artificial fertilizers.