Tips for planting fruit trees in the garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden outside your home, do not hesitate to plant several fruit trees on it. Besides having freshly picked fruit much of the year, you’ll have a great ornament, and natural impossible.
When choosing the species that are going to grow, you must do so taking into account the climate of the area in which you live. What would you like to plant? A lemon , an orange, a pear tree, perhaps?

garden fruit_trees

As I have discussed already, the choice of the tree, you must do so on the basis of the temperature of the place, because if you plant one in a inappropriate area and production fructify not be null or of poor quality. Another aspect to keep in mind is the type of soil you have your garden. Depending on their characteristics, can decantarte by one or the other.

When growing fruit trees, you will keep the soil well drained, rich in organic matter and deep. In addition, you should hold off soil salinity, as it is important to maintain a balance between lime and salt.

Moreover, at the time of planting, know that the fruit trees like being in the sun, with moments of shade. The ideal time to plant is in autumn or early winter, when it freezes. For the purpose of preparing the land, put a good background of fertilizer in the planting hole 15 days before planting the tree.

Then when you’re ready to grow now, stick a wooden stick that will make ‘tutor’ to not twist the tree and grow straight. Then covering the remainder of hole with soil.

Moreover, in most cases, this type of pollination trees is crossed, which means that is transferred from one shaft to another. For this reason, we recommend you plant fruit trees close to each other.

Trees such as the apple or pear trees should be planted together flourish others more or less the same time. Others like the peach trees do not need others to hand, since it does not require pollinators for them.