Tips to prevent holiday burglaries in

With the arrival of the Easter many people take the opportunity to take a few days off. In these short vacation most decide to go traveling and away from home for a break somewhere interesting.


Thieves know that many families who will not be home this holiday season and take advantage of this absence, EDTO thefts at home and valuables be without their owners in the way.

To prevent the return of the holiday are the unpleasant surprise that foreign friends have entered their home and have been thefts at home with their belongings, owners can take certain precautions.

The first thing to leave home for a few days is to make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed. In the case of having an alarm system, do not forget to disconnect it and check it out properly.

A habit to avoid is to disconnect the power. Thieves may know that the family is absent to ensure that there is no ringtone for being cut light. Also a good idea to use programmers to house lights turn on a few hours and give the impression that someone is inside.

If nonetheless gain access to housing, one of the most basic measures to prevent thieves carried valuables are not left at home or do it in any of the models of safes that can be installed in the home. This will protect that which disappears if we cause more harm.

In the event that a return is discovered that someone has made ​​thefts at home, it is advisable to enter the housing carefully and report the theft to the authorities before touching anything as it could alter the evidence.