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Since the problem of small spaces is one of our core issues, rather than show furniture designed to win instead, today I have a few simple tricks to make your house look bigger than it really is. Give spaciousness can be very simple if we do things right. To begin, paint the walls and ceiling white or very light colors. This will make the place look more spacious and fresh.

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If your home feels too small there are several things you can do to create an illusion of space. One of these is to keep clutter to the minimum. One or two good pieces of furniture are better than half a dozen. Enlarging windows will let in more light and create a feeling of space. Windows can be up high to let in light but no view, or they can be grouped at a corner to add a horizon. Windows that are close to the floor will enhance the outside view and bring in a spacious feel. So will appropriate use of mirrors to reflect windows.

In a sailboat or caravan, there is no wasted space. Look for opportunities for storage that may not be readily apparent such as under a staircase or in an awkward corner – even under the bed. If you can layer an area it will seem larger than it is. A low bookcase or partition across part of a room makes it appear larger because you cannot see what is beyond.
An old and simple trick is to opt for large mirrors. Reflection of ambient light and will make the place look bigger, and certainly will give great elegance and sophistication to the environment. Today you can find many styles and sizes.

If you want to give the impression of being in a spacious, basic is not obsticulizar neither movement nor the view, therefore, avoids charging the room with furniture and accessories. Might seem too minimalist, but with only some details Your house will look just fine.

Finally, a choice but something that helps a lot. Furniture tones will integrate better with the environment and help make it look bigger, but of course, this task is not simple and much less economical. But if these decorating from scratch, is a good option to consider.

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