Types of wall decor for living room

When it comes to decor in the living room wall, you may actually have more options available than they had originally thought. There are plenty of options to look at when you want to add some style to your living room, and you do not have to rely solely on paintings or drawings when you want to add some style. In fact, only wall paintings can become quite boring wall in the grand scheme of things.Most people do not really think about the shelves when they are trying to decorate a wall, but made shelves can be used in many different types of wall decor living room.


You can add anything to the wall when using shelves as almost any item can be placed safely in these facilities. There are many different types of shelves that can be used for wall decoration, so you should try to make sure you get the right ones when you are in the store.When you have shelves on the walls, add an added element to the living room and opens the door to a whole realm of possibilities. You do not have to worry about getting another picture or image, because the shelves allow you to put anything from plants to trophies on the wall for decoration.

To feel relaxed, it is important to worry about the appearance of your rooms, one of which must be very cozy and quiet, warm and attraction for our guests. We refer to the living room or welcome.It is important that you decorate living room , consider the color of your walls. It is recommended that light colors are varied (not quite white) or tinted with a white stripe in the socket. It is noteworthy that the warm colors produce a state of good cheer yourself and visitors to feel comfortable. For children must combine warm and cool colors, so disimularán stains made ​​by small.Mirrors to expand your space. This idea works wonders in small rooms, especially if you use a different mirror and original as in this image.

Instead of a coffee table, place several tables of different sizes smaller. This is a new trend for living rooms and bedrooms. Use instead of the typical coffee table gives you the versatility to move according to your needs and also gives a more modern look.Plants for your interior. fern or topiary Try to give a green sparkle to your room. The plants are great decorative items that are in keeping with the color space and interior, also form a freshness in the room.

Frame your walls. This popular trend of hanging many frames instead of one. You can apply this idea in your room or in any room of your house but you can not see very stacked. Place various modern picture frames, varies with the photographs. You can hang anything. To avoid mistakes and hurt much your wall, make drawings, and stick with tape until you find the right location you like best. Then proceed to place the frames in their respective place.

Make your space more interesting with images or phrases. these days is very easy to find different options in vinyl (sticker type) to decorate the space, and the room is no exception. You can even try making your own design. Best of all is that once you get tired or want to change your decor and aslo just stay shiny again.Flowers: Dan and beautiful natural touch to a room, and since the room is one of the most used places in the house, these will get more attention there. You need not spend on weekly special flowers, which grow in your yard are sufficient because you will not need to be replenished every few days flowers.