U shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchens, depending on the space you have, the U-shaped design can be the most practical and comfortable at the time of furnishing the kitchen. In Espaciohogar we review the different distributions for the kitchen, as the U-shaped kitchen

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Large kitchens, kitchenettes, oblong, square, the size and shape of the room is important when choosing a distribution of furniture for the kitchen. Especially if your kitchen is small you have to think a good distribution to gain maximum space. Is a kitchen comfortable and ergonomic as you have everything at hand. This distribution is ideal for medium and large kitchens, need some length at least 9 square meters to put the furniture that you have a comfortable space in which to move.

This type of kitchen mimics the shape of the letter U. Uses three walls as work items, two walls perpendicular to another PBX somewhat shorter. Ideally, the room should have at least 10.18 square meters wide.

It’s a convenient and efficient kitchen to maximize space.It is broad in order to work even with several people in the kitchen.You can divide the kitchen into different work areas It offers plenty of counter space.Also if you have a large kitchen in the center of the U, you can add a kitchen island.

Place the working triangle
Ideally placed in the base of the U, unless you have a kitchen island.

Possible Drawbacks
If your kitchen is very spacious and you have a kitchen island you can be more uncomfortable. Is important sink and dishwasher are close. By having a lot of space you have to pay attention to certain elements are close and not on a far wall.If you kitchen is less than 9 meters wide is not recommended.In the corner areas if you do not install corner furniture to maximize space storage area missed.






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