Unconventional ground


For British style no borders. The incorporation of Princess Catalina for the British royal family and its popularity contributed significantly to put more and more fashionable and more and more followers. So much so that now we can find anywhere, for example, we see British style lounge in a hotel in Granada

The Urban Portago of Granada Hotel is inspired by the figure of a typical English gentleman and has been designed by Ilmiodesign. Studio founded by Michele Andrea Corbani Spada and in 2009, with a professional team of architects, industrial designers and graphic designers, trying to respond to collective concerns related to architecture and other related disciplines.


The hotel has a unique style and casual and lounge is a clear example of this. At the hotel bar are photos of this article. The great white bar is the star of this space and has an area of DuPont Corian ®. But besides its color and its resistance, its most prominent feature is undoubtedly its curved and sinuous.
On the bar you can read the welcome message ‘nice to meet you’, a slogan very suitable for a space like this. But the nice detail is found in the roof, as you can see in the pictures is full of examples of typical English bowler. Overall it is a different and original, modern and colorful and with that british touch that makes it special.