Unique Stone Sinks for Gardens

When you think of your outdoor space, usually, there is a garden, you immediately imagine a beautiful stone sink. You know, where there are the plants need water, and to give the right atmosphere to your garden a stone sink is just what you need. You can wash your hands after doing a bit ‘of gardening, you can refresh or simply it can be admired, in its environment.


Before discovering the sinks stone garden we try to investigate the utility quickly and characteristics of an addition to the genre. The sink, or sink, garden serves to provide drinking water. Lately, those who have outdoor spaces rather large, the sink was replaced by outdoor kitchens but if you do not have a specified area or just like the retro style then the sink is the right solution for you. These elements are made ​​of durable materials, because they are exposed to the weather of all kinds. Those that can be found on the market are generally made of stone, marble, granite or ceramic. The choice of size is only up to you, depending on the use you think.

Piccolino if it is only decorative and casual use, larger if you plan to wash vegetables, fruits or dishes when eating outdoors. explained well these first pieces of information you should know that expose a stone sink in a garden spoils absolutely no space around, in fact, characterizes him most.

How do you choose a stone sink for your garden? The question of whether it is brought into many but a real answer that applies to everyone there. What must be considered is the outdoor space available, the uses to which they will do and your own personal taste. You can buy a stone sink of any kind or prefer to focus on a model in stone veneer, which is a material that simulates the appearance of the rocks, from a mixture of gravel, sand, a binder and pigments. The effect may be obtained, generically, is antique, old stone and brick.

Among the models to choose from there are the classics, with long base, to put on the wall, those with bath square, rectangular or round, and those composed of two parts, the tank and the wall with the faucet.

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