Usage Tips for Shower curtains

The shower curtains are needed when you have the possibility to install shower enclosures, in rooms that do not have enough height, such as attics, or in bathrooms where there is only the bathtub.In these cases tends to shower are an essential accessory function and have a piece of furniture that must be assessed with care, especially in the bathrooms of today, who are no longer the local service once, but they have become a central place in the design of the house.

funky shower curtains

Because they have very low cost (starting, for the simplest models, from 10 euro), the shower curtains have the opportunity to be renewed easily and therefore offer the opportunity to customize a different and more creative our bathroom. You may choose the more traditional models, plain clear, but not necessarily the usual white: there are, for example, plastic shower curtains “fabric effect”, with small embroidery or delicate decorations.

As an alternative to the classical ones, for lovers of modern environments there are many solutions colorful and fun, with large colorful striped patterns, polka dots, with large floral prints. If possible, it would be better to coordinate the shower curtains with other textiles, such as carpets, window blinds, towels.

When we assemble shower curtains , we must have some forethought. The supporting rod is placed at a height less than the length of the tent. If it is too short, the water will tend to get out of the shower. Better, therefore, that both long and sticking to the pot. To increase the sealing effect, can be inserted in the fold of the weights of the tent, so that it falls to lead. There is also the possibility of attack of the magnets on the lower edge, in coupled with metal plates along the edge of the dish.

remember finally to raise the shower curtains after each use and leave to dry on the stick of sliding, so that in time not tend to moldy, to blacken and produce unpleasant odors.

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