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Whether you have a large or small kitchen in your home, the problem is always the same: lack of space when you organize all your kitchen utensils and objects. This headache of never knowing where to put the utensils kitchen so they are organized and accessible at the same time, cease to be with this little guide. With it you will learn to take advantage of the corner of your kitchen efficiently.

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Find places in your kitchen and profit scales
If we are thinking about how to organize efficiently and easily our kitchen, buying a storage cabinet (which is not a big outlay), will be an invaluable help to take advantage of all-utilized spaces we have around us. Obviously every kitchen is a world of shapes and decorations, but still, we can get more out of the space by applying a little ingenuity and creativity.
For example, in our kitchen cabinets can make more space if you hang the cups of coffee or tea with small lugs on top. This way we can make more space for more glasses or other utensils. The inside of the large cabinet doors can also be used to hang tools such as brooms and mops with metal clamps or adhesive plastic.

If our fridge is not embedded in any furniture, we use the top to place other small appliances such as microwaves or other appliances. Another quick trick that will make your kitchen look bigger and spacious is to replace the chairs you have for other models or stackable stools that can completely hide under the main kitchen table. You can also choose to use kitchen benches also provide you plenty of inside space to place many more things. Find and reap the corners of your kitchen is certainly easier than you thought.
Less is more especially in the kitchen

If despite all the tricks before you get yet reap the corners of your kitchen, do not worry, you can always take full advantage of these dead spaces installing your kitchen cabinets corner or placing some extra shelves located more height than usual to be ordered in boxes those tools you do not normally use so often when you cook daily.

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