Using metallic paint to decorate

It has long use as a decorative metallic paint in homes is not unusual. But be careful in its use, since this kind of paintings do not agree in large spaces because they do not fit, losing the element of distinction. Therefore, it is recommended in small spaces, home or places where the use metallic paint can create a unique atmosphere.


Sure you can paint an entire wall with metallic paint, especially if you intend to give that a chic atmosphere. It is desirable that the wall was not visible to the naked eye, since the effect is quite striking to overshadow the rest of the decor. Better if it is a small wall, some shelves inside, maybe just some stripes or geometric figures painted , imitating a vinyl or decorative.

Another option is to use metallic paint to paint the plaster moldings that often exist in the ceiling or walls. This kind of division between the wall and the ceiling is an ideal place to use metallic paint as a decorative element that adds a touch of style to the environment that we decorate. In some cases, especially in small spaces can paint the entire ceiling.

You can fully or partially painted furniture. It is a very good technique to change the face of old and outdated furniture. The same may happen to be the most attractive object wherever placed environment. The black and white combine very well with gold.
Not only painting, textiles and objects you can use silver or gold in different environments. In pillows, lamps, picture frames or mirrors, pots, old and all objects that can be used to decorate. Obviously it’s good to always keep caution to avoid overloading the environment.



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