Vases for what you want

The vases are containers in which we can place flowers and other items to help us beautify our stay. The decorations vases are like rooms, frame, environment has its value, but what gives real strength to your indoor setting is contents, furniture, lamps, carpets, everything that goes inside? Captures the idea of the creative role of the vases. In regards to the relationship can be established between the vases and environment, play with colors, shapes and textures. Combine them.


The shapes of transparent blown glass vases can be striking and original; vases strange textures can create the contrast that serves to call attention to a floral centerpiece on a table,. Colors, what about the color tones are to establish a perfect color match between some of the pieces of furniture in the rooms, or textiles, and the focal point we decided to make our vase excuse. Another piece of evidence to consider, the vases can be container objects? but have you thought of that can also be empty?


The identity, originality, personality of each of the vases will give you the clue as to use it as empty and only to put in place the most appropriate piece. Try to hit. But come with some ideas around the vases, the simply decorated with them, which may help you focus your use and its role in those interiors to be enhanced. First of all, free yourself from that idea that the default is to place flower vases, natural or artificial. If you think so, you are taking advantage of a fraction of its decorative potential.


Look, the vases are container objects, as such, can hold all that our imagination deems appropriate to give a touch of color, distinctive or original. The vases may contain white sand brought from the last beach we went during the summer, may also contain the marbles that were part of our childhood games and remained for a long time kept in do not know what drawers.


Vases can bring us into crafts. In those crafts that you probably know, the colored sand, which, in different layers can be accommodated by litters within, for example, one of our vases and can be as decorative and striking. Another option to give new life into the vases is to make, yes, stands for flowers, but decorating their surfaces with paint bottles in case they are transparent, or giving them a bath enamel to recover any of those we have left forgotten and lost in basements and attics. Four examples to get our vases their role as passive carriers of fresh or artificial flowers, to recreate our world of memories and to stir the vein within us that we can become creative with plain colored sand, good pulse, better view and wanted to do something for ourselves, with our hands. Vases for what you want.

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