Very Modern Room

It is perfectly understandable that we get tired of the typical decor of our living room and want to find a new decorative style. The options are many, but if your intention is to achieve a contemporary decor , here in Total Household closer you some ideas to decorate a very modern room .


Colors for modern living
The line of contemporary style decor achieves a modern for better living through the use of color. In practice it seeks to maintain a physical space line outright, so the modern touch is given by the decorative elements. Therefore reserves the touch of color for modern furniture and decoration accessories more sober frame of colors that paint the walls or the materials chosen for coatings.Anyway, it is not necessary to use only neutral colors to paint the walls of the room. You can also find another combination of colors and break up the monotony of a wall painting or warm vibrant colors.

Use of space
The modern decor avoids stacking all kinds of furniture and objects. A modern room must consider its function. If it is a place for family or thought as a social space, by appearing to be dissimilar these destinations, the goal is the same. It must maintain a clearance of unnecessary furniture, privileging the comfort and allow easy movement. Therefore, we can say that modern space is a function space, which must commit simple design lines.
What happens to the small rooms decoration ? A modern room as such should have no problems of space, as it must favor the functional and necessary for the space as comfortable as possible. It’s almost as minimalist decorating style .

Furniture for modern living
Continuing with modern design concepts, choosing the furniture that we will decorate the living room must follow the ideas that I mentioned before. The modern furniture can be considered as simple and practical, avoiding unnecessary frills. The leather-trimmed black and white are very common in this type of decoration, reserving the touch of color for pillows and other decorations.
However, it is clear that if we stick to maintain a neutral color palette for the walls of the living room, we can test with brightly colored sofas or find modern sofas and colorful designs to contrast with the more sober scenic background and achieve equilibrium sustained and enhanced by the notes of color.
Well, you see, if you follow these simple guidelines for design and decoration, we decorate a very modern room. However, new ideas are welcome and all forms of giving a modern twist to this room based on bold and original designs.

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