wall hanging jewelry organizer

A hanging jewelry tree is ideal for holding your favorite fashion scarves. Because they are so practical, you may want to purchase more than one hanging jewelry tree for different rooms in your home.

If you’ve ever washed your hands and then realized that you’ve left your valuable ring on the bathroom counter or kitchen counter, then you could definitely benefit from a hanging jewelry tree. When we wash our hands, out of habit, many of us take off our rings and put them on the countertop – that isn’t always the best habit because with one false move your ring has fallen into the drain or toilet.

Instead of putting your rings on the counter, slip them onto a wall mount jewelry organizer. This will eliminate the possibility of your accessories accidentally falling down the drain, and it will save you from having to call the plumber. My wall mounted jewelry organizers will look elegant with any decor and compliment your overall style

What makes a wall mount jewelry organizer different and unique as compared to other organizers? The basic and straightforward answer is that it utilizes the space in your bedroom that is commonly overlooked when it comes to space utilization. If you have a jewelry organizer mounted on your wall then you don’t have to worry about jewelry boxes cluttering your table tops that might be useful for other things. Moreover, a simple wall organizer can be turned into a highly decorative piece of furniture, if and only if you know how to be a little creative and resourceful to open your “creative eye” to the possibility.

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