Wallpaper to decorate ceiling

When we refer to the decoration of ceilings   usually think of a specific tone that complements paint the walls or lamp designs to improve lighting, but rarely comes to mind that can radically change the look of any space by using only the ceiling design. With the use of wallpaper to decorate the ceiling can give free rein to our imagination and have an original decoration.


Why use a wallpaper?
The wallpaper was one of the favorite decorative items a few decades ago, and again is reemerging as an alternative to change the spaces of our house. The advantage of this material is that in a simple way we can use almost any type of design and color scheme that is to our liking, including striped wallpaper .

Today, wallpaper is used only in small areas, this gives us the opportunity to mix textures and designs with the paint on the walls or furniture style.

Decorating ceilings with wallpaper
The ceiling does not usually have a leading role in the decoration, so that using wallpaper to decorate the ceiling will give us a new point of view. Ideally, if you plan to decorate the ceiling, the walls are only one or two shades of color, and any design theme (obviously you can leave the pictures and other ornaments, but for this design the minimalist style is best ).

Hallways and stairs:
If your plans are not papering the entire roof of the house, but want to use the designer touch of wallpaper, a good start to decorate the ceiling with this technique is to apply in lobby areas or in the ladder , this will help to define the area and serve as a guide to decorative these spaces.

You can give much more life to the rooms of the children if the wall decorations will add a touch of wallpaper on the ceiling, it is best to choose a design in keeping with the overall decor. For example, if the room is decorated with cartoons, you can put a design on the ceiling that resembles the set of the drawing.

Complementary colors:
You can add a touch of color to rooms with white walls with pastel or just decorate the ceiling, using a design with a contrasting color and see that you still keep the quiet room decor, but with a touch of sparkle.

Use this decorating trend, choose the best wallpaper and originality converts spaces in your home.

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