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They wore the walls of our childhood and, more recently, we have seen in all its forms in the series “Tell Me”. After decades of being vilified, the retro style wallpapers are back to stay. Make them a place in your home if you want to get that vintage which triumphs today. The key? As in most things: moderation.

Montage Retro Wallpaper

Flowers, geometric patterns, irregular shapes, designs … Whatever Japanese but rather large. This could be one of the characteristics of retro wallpapers and although may seem too intense, the truth is they have a decorative ability to match. Again, what takes the cake too.

Originals or new?
Although you can find original papers, as there are vintage stores that have them, the truth is that it is not necessary. Such is the acceptance that has been in the homes of today that wallpaper manufacturers completed their deal with numerous models of the past. Imitations and reissues of old designs fill the pages of their catalogs, so it will not be hard to find one to your liking.

In addition to the aesthetics of the decades of the 70s, dominated by large grounds, vivid colors are reflected on wallpaper even older styles: textures such as damask, brocade, floral motifs with small, soft tones, etc.. This leads us to think that when we talk about retro or vintage wallpaper, we are not referring only to a style or an era.

Combine and triumph
Current trends in using retro wallpaper rely mainly on a fundamental premise: Controls excess. And to do that, nothing better than combining. That’s the key: combining a wall papered with large pictures and bright colors, with other smooth and softer. Or combine sober cheerful striped flowers.

Use retro, in this case the wallpaper, to enhance a decorative or architectural element in the room. And if you choose a large format design, try not to overload the environment. Best, aligéralo leaving few full furniture and you will succeed.

Ferm Living-Retro Leaves

Harlequin Contour Wallpaper


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