We delight with this dream home in Dorset

Interior designer Anne-Marie Richford lives in this beautiful chalet in Dorset with her husband, two children and their dog. A house built in the early 1800s. She talks about how he has decorated his home …”We bought this house in January 2011 with the intention to enjoy during our vacation,” says Anne-Marie. “We fell in love with the area and wanted to have a residence in the place. After pas5ar many vacations in Lyme Regis, knew where he wanted to settle. I had the illusion of seeing my children play on the beach and feel the sea breeze on your face regularly. The location-can access the city-walking was the main attraction, besides feeling that the house was full of potential in itself. ”


“The house was built by a merchant for his family and has had many uses over the years. The mayor has also lived in it, has been consulting a doctor, a hotel and B & B was a bit before buying. Its construction is very original-blinds operational details, beautiful cornices and one of the most amazing curved stairs I’ve ever seen. ”


“Many of the rooms have been rebuilt to include a larger number of people, especially for the type of business accommodation to the former owners were engaged. The decor was very old fashioned-style 1985 – with burgundy carpet and beige walls throughout the property. In addition it was also very institutionalized with firefighting doors, emergency exit signs and a public drinking water source. Characteristics of the type of use that had been giving shelter years ago. ”


“Getting the plans and layout was the starting point for decoration. My idea was to rescue the impression of a family home, it was for what the property was built and designed. The rooms were generously proportioned and, with charming original details that show, it was just what I wanted to dress them with my designs. The protected status of a building of this nature presented some difficulties to expedite the works, but thanks to the hard work of our staff, managed to finish the restoration project within three months. ”


“The living room is a large space with high ceilings and lovely, factor I worried by the fact that it could give the impression of being a cold room, so I used a gray Charcoal on the wall where the fireplace is and to give a cozy atmosphere. The lampshades in the large chose to minimize the perception of the high ceilings and create a more intimate atmosphere. The three leather sofas are huge and fit body shape, which invite sociability nights of talks around the fire. ”


“The mirrors add a touch of antique, because I love that style, and reflect the views that can be seen behind the window. The pink brings light and encourages the gray hue, as the gray itself too seriously. There is a picture of me on the fireplace my husband commissioned as a surprise, which (thankfully) love. ”
“The colors are inspired by nature and surroundings-infinity of grays, blues, greens, botanicals with a touch of ‘pop’ raspberry in the living room and master bedroom. I wanted a color palette to convey tranquility and that would make the house a cozy home for the whole family during our holiday stay. Tissues that have tried as far as possible be natural fabrics. Small furniture, abundant tissue in clothing that always brings a more relaxed atmosphere, and gender are cotton, wool, felt, leather and many other contributors magnificent textures. ”


“The starting point of the dining room begins with live wallpaper Westwood. I wanted a focus with a background to wake interest, and this was perfect. It was a style that I loved and I had the opportunity to use it in my house. I continued the scheme of white, blue and gray to Saarinen tulip chairs. Its classic design and curved lines concocted the classic-contemporary style he wanted. The table shows a simple and practical design, because I wanted a large table, at least 14 people, without spending half my budget on a table. On the wall is a mix of art related to the sea. I have coordinated frames in order to bring uniformity to the different styles of painting and thus gather as a coherent presentation. ”

“My best advice for those who want to decorate is to get as many samples as you can together and expose them, so that you can see if they work or fit your style. Once I think I have a winning combination, and apply it live for a while with her. Sometimes you get tired before you come and change soon, other times, you could live forever with the color scheme you have chosen some time ago. Lighting is very important in deciding shades, I always try to preview the color in the room that will be exposed. ”


“The color scheme of the room is based on the same palette as the walls of the ground floor, although in lighter shades. Each room is different but complementary. Importantly, the colors should be combined with gray, it is the predominant color in the house. The heads have been made to measure, with decorative details and matching accessories such as carved wooden chests, inspired by the sea. I have given names of local bays and beaches to remind us the wonders we close. “