What are the most common reforms in housing

There are very demanded reforms, thanks to their usefulness or that are essential to gain comfort in homes today. It is likely to take time thinking about them, but you can not find the time to do them. Go for it and follow the advice that we provide below for common reforms.


Make a closet at the entrance.
The ideal place to store jackets, shoes, etc.. To recharge not space, integrate it into the wall: do recessed or semi-recessed, taking advantage of a gap between pillars or lifting a side wall. In regards to the doors , keep in mind that the slides are more expensive and are not recommended for small closets, and if you want to lighten the space, choose them with glass.

Change for a shower bath.
When it works, plus minimal interventions (remove the tub drain and adapt water intakes, install the new faucet and shower screen, etc..), It is necessary to perform an additional partition or change the walls and / or the ground.

To avoid complicated reforms, it is best to remove the tub and place a shower storey (prefabricated or custom), the new faucet and a screen, keeping the lining of the walls. Please note that you will win if your screen width is transparent, for example, you can decant a front tempered glass .

Remove the gotelé, smooth and paint the walls.
The disadvantage of many older homes is the gotelé (or frosting) of the walls is not only outdated, but also prevents us from realizing different finishes, textures and place decorative borders.

If the wall is painted in tempera, simply wet the wall with a spray of water, a sponge or a paint roller, wait and remove with a spatula or gotelé sandpaper, then must fix the damage and match.

If plastic paint work is a bit more complicated, because not absorb moisture must be removed by scraping or chopping paint and then sanding and plastering, which is why the best solution is to cover it using plaster, smoothing gotelé or Aquaplast . To finish must be sanded, give one coat of primer if necessary, and so the wall will be ready to be painted.

The best way to discover what you are wetting paint if darkens a bit and comes off easily, it’s mettle.