What floor Ideal for the bedroom

The exchange floor environments is an interesting alternative, which may not be out in time to put that retirement home. Between different floors, laminate, wood, ceramic, porcelain, among several other alternatives available in the market, as it is possible to choose the type of flooring best suited? The following will give you some tips quite interesting in this sense, but remember that the first hint of architects is to think about the features and also features of each environment.


What will define what the employee is actually floor function of their environment. It is interesting to think of all the satisfaction in the long term and not just the beauty. Several people choose for example the white porcelain and has great results, but realize that it takes to get a cloth and clean all day.

In general any type of flooring can be used in any environment, taking of course warm floors that are not indicated for use in wet areas. Here are the best indications of floors.

Floors ideal for bedroom and living room
Most people opt for ceramics in all areas of your home to be more practical to clean, although some of it indoors and use íntimca, such as dormitories and rooms tv should always rely on one main point.

The tiled floors are not very suitable for these places to give a feeling chilled and also a great reflection of sounds. For spaces like these it is interesting to use vinyl flooring, woody or even carpeted, which are the most suitable. They should ensure peace of mind in the moments of the first touch grounded upon waking, as well as control sounds of home theater equipment eg.

The carpets and porcelain
Can also be used in private areas, despite having greater difficulty in cleaning and maintenance, now carpets have a higher quality since manufacturers do not bother to introduce models that are hygienic and practical for the market.

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