What I choose for my wood furniture

Wood is a material to make our furniture irreplaceable. Usually durable and resistant to environmental shocks. As if any one color, textures and hardnesses, they become an ideal way to beautify the homes. But usually know each of the types of wood, which would allow us to make a better choice when we go shopping.


Here are the four types of wood used to build fine furniture:
Mahogany. This is a wood that comes from trees tropical regions of South America, Central America and Africa. Its most distinctive feature is the strength, making it excellent for working height. Their porous texture is homogeneous and has few defined rings. The usual tone given is reddish brown or tan. Mahogany is very resistant to decomposition and when it contracts or dilates maintains its structure.

Oak. It is the wood used to make furniture more refined. It comes from trees that abound in Europe and North America and is very hard, heavy and durable. There are two types of oak, reds and whites. The most popular is red oak, with a pink. White has some greenish hue. It is generally a large wooden rings and very porous, which can easily be dyed any color.

Arce. This is a brightly colored wood of medium hardness, extracted from trees growing in the northern regions of America and Canada. It is very resistant to shocks, with uniform pores and grains, giving it a fine texture. It is a durable timber which can be dyed any color. With a good finish, comes to resemble some other expensive woods like walnut.

Pino. Unlike the above, this is a softwood that occurs in many varieties in many regions of the world. His gnarled texture gives warmth and makes each piece unique. It usually appears in yellow and very wide striae patterns. Being so light, it is an excellent resource for children’s rooms furniture, beach houses, rustic cabins.

Now that you know a little more the characteristics of different woods sure you choose the furniture that best suit your home.

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