What to do at home in your spare time

If it is true that free time, to focus on what you prefer, away from work, from professional commitments and family is scarce, especially for the queens of multitasking, women, when there is, what can you do at home? Rhetorical question, perhaps, but not that much. In fact, thanks to the constant motion of life in most women, moms, wives and professionals, when the vortex of the commitments is interrupted, even for a moment, no one knows how to commit the hours of freedom. Here are some suggestions to make the most free time in the home.

Woman Resting in Bath

Pure relaxation
Better shake off tensions and worries, undress for a few hours on the role of women in one piece and super busy to idle and indulge in complete relaxation, without too much guilt.
There are many ways to get your energy and ensure a good deal of leisure relaxing. You can fill the tub with warm water, scented oils, light some candles and soak in a bath of well-being. For movie lovers, the ultimate in fun and luxury you may lie on the couch and enjoy, in complete solitude and without distraction, the favorite film or the film of the moment.

If the forbidden dream, however, is reading, you just have to get lost between the lines of the novel more loved or to be groped by the charm of yellow just came out, comfortably seated in an armchair.
In summer, for the more fortunate, leisure and relaxing at home also means lie down on a comfortable bed, in the garden or on the terrace to enjoy some sunshine.

A perfect beauty
A little ‘free time at home with nothing urgent to attend to? There is no better time to find, or better, brush, all their femininity, dedicated to the care of oneself, of one’s body, giving themselves a real seat of beauty. There you can devote to waxing, to manicures and pedicures, the face mask or nourishing treatment for the hair, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Here is some practical advice and low cost, all homemade. After a good scrub all over the body, with coarse salt and horsehair glove, you can spread a generous layer of moisturizer or sweet almond oil, while on the face can spread out and leave on for a few minutes a nourishing mask based of yogurt and honey. For a moisturizing wrap, strengthening and polishing the hair, we recommend the olive oil, to apply and massage on your toes, and then leave on for at least a quarter of an hour.

Combine business with pleasure
For those who just can not stay with the “hands”, you can dedicate to all those chores or housework that you always refer, how to fix the cabinets or select shoes and old clothes to throw away and give away, but also grapple small experiments in DIY and DIY chores.
You can do gardening, potting or repotting plants and flowers, decorate balconies and terraces or, for the more fanciful, change the layout of objects and home accessories or confezionarne new ones with your own hands.