What to do when tenant does not pay rent

if the debt is not paid or if paid, but with one of the two exceptions above views, the process will end up in the eviction of the tenant. This will be forced eviction if the tenant does not leave the house voluntarily what will the following steps: .

the court shall schedule a date that the landlord’s attorney attend the court official.if the tenant does not leave voluntarily to make a second attempt to attend to the security forces.

rental agreement

Finally, if the tenant does not pay the debt, equity research carried tenant for attachment of the quantities to cover the debt, plus interest on arrears to be generated and the costs if the court considers so (the costs are the expenses the owner barrister and solicitor landlord) .

This is standard procedure established by law, but that will depend on the basis of what is stated in the lease. The contract can be set as a solution to conflicts other means, such as arbitration. In that case, the landlord must go to arbitration body who have had the contract for non-payment claim. .

The main advantage of arbitration is that you need a lawyer or solicitor for initial processing (that does not mean it is not still wise lawyer’s intervention to advise the owner, but is no longer required by law at least in part) . .

The arbitration procedure ends with an “award”, which is the resolution of the referee and that would be the equivalent of a sentence. Now, if the tenant fails it says the award (not leaving the house or not voluntarily pay the debt) will have to go to court to ask for ejeuciĆ³n forced to as explained above. .

So, once you know the procedure is important to consider some factors: .

Check the creditworthiness of the prospective tenant before signing the lease or
Establish safeguards, such as: legal protection insurance landlord covering the appointment of the attorney and solicitor for the processed until even the unpaid monthly by the tenant.
A bank guarantee.
An amount as additional escrow deposit additional mandatory minimum to which, remember, housing is one month’s rent.