Whirlpool: appliances for the modern kitchen

a leading company in the sale of major home appliances, has introduced the novelties of elettrdomestici Built in 2013, with a “show cooking” from the suggestive title “Innovative Tradition Time to connect”. The theme “Time to connect” arises, in fact, the focus on the concepts of time and creating a free game of references and interpretations where the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation is a new revelation.

show cooking innovative tradition time

The new “Innovative Tradition Showcooking Time to connect” , the representation of the kitchen “living” of Whirlpool that is renewed every year, now is the realization of this extraordinary journey to rediscover the value of time and a new “interconnected conviviality” . The metaphor of the journey led train, an element that characterizes the new Showcooking and sweeps the entire structure of the convivial table, all played on the chromatic contrast black and white. It is a train from the collection of the latest generation that express perfectly the concept of dynamism and movement time and reaches all the diners to share the pleasure of conviviality and haute cuisine.

home appliance

Whirlpool presents the new aesthetic code for modern kitchens.The aesthetic lines, Fusion , Ambient and Square Whirlpool will also enrich hobs, sinks and faucets to give a kitchen environment “full style”.

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“Full Style” is the new concept of total design by Whirlpool to make the kitchen a unique and exclusive environment. Fusion , Ambient and Square follow, in fact, a precise aesthetic code to create a visual identity recognizable, able to satisfy every preference, every lifestyle, every kitchen.

Domestic Appliances

Today, Whirlpool offers three complete aesthetic lines of ovens, microwave ovens, range hoods, hobs and, as of July 2013, also sinks and faucets in perfect family line, coordinated design, finishes and materials.A real “collection” to create an environment more pleasant and relaxing place to engage in the activities and culinary gatherings.


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