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It’s Sunday, and rain or shine here we are, once again, to share with you in our week Decorative those blogs that in the last seven days have drawn special attention for their findings, their inspiration or interesting experiences.

Start confessing that I’m pretty tired of seeing the same Nordic-style apartments everywhere you look. Everyday hen, bitter the kitchen, which my grandmother. But I recognize that Delikatissen manages to always bring different perspective that makes better endure boredom. One example is this duplex, which she has described as a mix of rustic and modern for a stately air.


Again we find references in Dar Amina Nordic. Of course, this time mixed with Arab air, forming a new noretnic . Bowls and trays Moroccan iconic pieces mixed with Scandinavian smoothed with wooden spoons and cushions Baroque do I reconcile with life again.

View that is falling in many parts of Spain we agree that there is nothing better than the magic of pastels to convert gray day in cheerful sad and romantic. And if not behold the pretty pictures collection Holamamá blog.


In Peku also decided to color your life and your lamps , so you have to work and have become two dark and boring in other fresh spring. Very easy, just spray paint and a change of screens.

Our fellow Vitónica give us some interesting tips on how to choose a room to sleep well . And your technology to us about you five bars of sound to enhance the audio from your television ultrathin. In both cases highly recommended reading.

Finally we remind you, as always, we are in time to answer our question of the week. On this occasion we would like contaráis what was your last feat with the DIY . And you know that if you have a publication that you find interesting for our decorative week can recommend us through our contact form. Until next Sunday.