White & black with accents of red

You have the impression that the decor of your home is too boring? The decor is classic black and white seems too cold and harsh? Bet some accent of red fire, so the furniture will become hotter, more lively and more welcoming. The strong contrast between the white and black, perhaps attenuated by different shades of gray, is a combination of coloristic great visual effect, much appreciated in the modern interior decoration. That minimalist effect, based on the strong coloristic contrast, in the long run can still risultarsi too rigid, too strict and as a result: too boring. To break the monotony of black and white two-tone color is worth introducing some accent in bright colors, which will make the ‘decor more lively and expressive. 


The possibilities are many: you can point to cobalt blue, emerald green or sunny yellow – however at the moment it looks like a fiery red color more trendy. Maybe it’s too decided to use it on larger areas, however, lends itself well to accentuate the classical lines of and give you a feeling of warmth. Thanks to some red accent the decor of the room will become more welcoming – the warm tones coloristic will make it cheerful, fresh and welcoming. The color red is also often associated with strength and vitality: it is very challenging for both the body and the spirit and fosters a sense of well-being. Combining the red to black and white otteneremo a combination coloristic simple, elegant and refined.

Which item of furniture could be a perfect accent of red fire? There are lots of ideas: you can opt for decorative pillows, a blanket of the bed, a table lamp, a vase design, elegant curtains, a chair or sofa, a separate part of the wall … It is also worth experimenting with the decoration of the walls, especially with paintings: modern prints or paintings on canvas with a touch of fiery red can be perfectly matched to any kind of furniture.

Modern paintings are a great idea to complete the classic furniture in black and white: not only accentuate the elegance of the decor, but also will give the rooms in your home a unique character and a lot of positive energy. And if you’re really stuck for ideas, the collection of decorative paintings bimago.it for you can be a rich source of inspiration. Obviously it is said to be limited to a single element of fiery red: red accents may be more numerous . Be careful not to overdo it though: using too many red items you can get the opposite effect and make the environment a little ‘too heavy.


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