white kitchen


To those who like to cook, when we see a house we like normally look at the kitchen. For good and varied to prepare meals at your convenience is a need for a spacious and comfortable. There are kitchens to suit all tastes and all styles and finish does not have to be at odds with functionality.

Today we find cuisine Elmar which is quite large and has clean lines, lots of color white and very smooth and serious ways, perhaps too at least for my taste. But also one of the areas most beautiful and pleasant breakfast I’ve ever seen contrasting wood.


Kitchen minimal 2

In the image above these lines you can see the detail of the breakfast area to which I referred. The contrast is great, because all the cooking is done in white and some steel, with straight lines and very smooth. So the natural wood table and organic curved shape is totally unexpected.

While surprising, this wooden breakfast area, provides a feeling of comfort. I do not know about you but I’m already imagining the first morning coffee at the table for every day of my life … I do. White stools are the perfect seats to complete the set.


On these lines is another view of the kitchen in general, just from the side of the table. I the only downside that I see to the kitchen is white, which is well known to be very nice at first, but if you stain and dull can be a horror.

If we cook a lot of both white I just do not see it, no matter how good I think the material will deteriorate sooner than if it were a different color. Moreover in terms of distribution space and the kitchen I give a ten. Including removable bar that follows the wood table if necessary extend the useful surface, certainly a great detail.