Wine Trays

Although there are multitudes of serving trays available, serving trays specific to stemware is somewhat limited. Don’t let this fact deter you on your quest for the perfect wine stemware serving tray. Instead, get creative and choose a serving tray that can be re-purposed into a wine stemware serving tray.

Huhtamaki’s wine bottle trays and dividers effectively cushion and absorb shocks by providing a perfect fit to the curved shapes of the bottles. Whatever their shape may be and wherever they are going, the bottles rest in their tray perfectly horizontally aligned, delicately embedded and well protected.
The Huhtamaki wine bottle carriers and dividers are designed to facilitate handling and mechanization in the best possible way, using automatic placement into trays, denesting and palletisation. And besides, Huhtamaki trays / dividers are light, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly. They are available in a full range of sizes.

The key to pairing wine and cheese is that you don’t want one to overpower the other. The general rule is that full-bodied, heavy wines go better with strong cheeses while light-airy wines are a better match with lighter-flavored cheeses. Set out the cheese trays and suggest wines that might pair well with the cheese. Offer these wines and let guests decide for themselves what their personal preference is.

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