Wonderful art design bed


Although today many functionality questions prefer the option of couch and a bed headboard before, there are still people who prefer to give up the extra storage space provided if the sofa bed design deserves. Sure aesthetic level then the bed must have something special, and this we see in the image on these lines.

The bed in the picture is called Cubed, but no one is clear about the exact why his name is proposed by Bolzan Letti and has a fine art in its structure that makes it a most striking piece. Both the foot and headboard are made of pieces of different lengths with a balanced arrangement cluttered.


Also the bed is available in color options as diverse, from a more or less discreet in gray, even the most strident in yellow, to other options in blue where even combine several colors in the same model. I something as flashy as yellow not recommend it because you can soon get bored.

The choice of the most important bed for the bedroom and one of the most important for the bed, we should choose a bed with which we are not convinced, this will definitely not leave you indifferent. Who will and who loves to horrify, but if looking for something original and different is an interesting proposition to consider.