Wonderful decorations


A week to Sunday, the day we arrived in the collection do everything that happened during the week and make new plans for the soon begins. Decoesfera You know that we like to hit some decorating many other blogs to see what they have posted in the past seven days and so I have to sum ​​what has given of decorative week in the blogosphere.

We started with Virlova showing us images of a house turned, a rustic house in Girona situadad charming. From the house you can see images of all the interior and especially what my most liked, has been the wonderful terrace overlooking the mountains.


In Boho Chic Deco apartment show a little over thirty square meters decorated in Nordic style. The dominant colors throughout the apartment are white and black with soil and some naturally light wood furniture. Some details like the black and white sheets and even tea towels are sensational.

Following the New Year’s resolutions, yet recently we have released 2013, in World Philips give us some tips for keeping the house tidy 24 hours a day. It’s not about sticking the place and cleaning binge a day a week, but it is convenient to have good daily habits so you never get the mess.

In Citizen 0.0 we make several proposals on how to take the old clothes and other stuff now that we have renewed Kings of the equipment. If you have many new things, there will be as many old of which I want to undo, but no because throwing them away, donating or recycling can be good options to consider.


In Delight Design us a chair Tareef Rami COD collection, Israeli industrial designer for the signature Gaga & Design. The chair is very original and even a bit artistic and gives great prominence to the materials from which it is made.

And in In Orange teach us to use either the rule of three and some other tricks to know how to apply the discounts to the prices now that we are in time of sale. And is that businesses are determined to indicate percentages when we want to know what actually is the final price.

I remind you also still time to answer our weekly question. This week we may tell us what is the stay of your house you most want reform . And finally, do not forget, if you know any publication that you consider relevant to this section, you can always recommend us through our contact form .