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Most of our houses are quite smaller than we would like. It is clear that decorators and interior they see them and want to put everything we have in those few meters.

Knowing that one of our problems is space, firms and furniture designers have found the solution. The dual functionality of the furniture. I found some interesting examples to consider when gain distance in small spaces.

canape abatible

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In the bedroom

Long ago the beds with space for have been made masters of our bedrooms. Blankets, comforters or pillows parts are those in the space under the hinged couches outside the winter season. In the cabinets occupy too much space, essential for the rest of the linen.

They are also an excellent idea the descalzadoras or wicker benches that rise and have inside the hole, we put at the foot of the bed. Perfect for storing boots or shoes, or in the case of children, toys and art supplies.

The comfortable low that besides having a lot of capacity in the drawers, serve as toilets are essential in my life. A mirror, good lighting and a hanger at his side on the wall to the beads and kill two birds with one stone, hand folding clothes and finishing touches.

In the lounge


Revolving tables are the tables that have shelf in the bottom. Personally are a fan of the books, so I have never bookstores enough and I think a great idea to have on hand, next to a sofa, a table with her cup of tea and have a good lamp and turning the “revolving” to search my favorite books.

The trunks used as coffee table or as a booster seat or footrest, are also a good storage option. Yes, it is also an old trunk with history or be the perfect addition to personalize your room.

The boisseries as they are also perfect to keep order in the classroom, books, pictures and objects on the top, and even television and stereo and cabinets, table linens, paper sewing and thousand and one things know more than ever to save.
In the kitchen


A kitchen should be well designed, as it is one of the places where we need more storage. The famous islands, imported American kitchens, are excellent cellars and storage areas, as well as serve as a breakfast bar and work surfaces. Stools can be saved if they are used as bars and on the other hand have good cabinets and drawers for knives.

If you are more traditional and do not have room for the island, kitchen tables with large drawers for tools to cook and the windows are a good opción.Y if your kitchen is small as a handkerchief, a shelf that folds against the wall can be your solution. Only get up in time for breakfast or when you need a foreign surface.
In the bathroom



The cabinets behind the mirror eson one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Toothbrushes, razors and different creams and cleansers have their reign as Alice, behind the mirror. They can be above the sink classics or new generation and occupy an entire wall.
In traffic areas

The stairs hide our deepest secrets. We time watching as designers take advantage of, so far, voids of the stairs. Drawers, entire rooms or libraries, the stairs are for more than just climbing upstairs.


A chest instead of a console in the lobby is great for storing clothes off-season and also leave the keys. mail and a lamp. They have a lot of capacity and if they are low, can even serve as a seat.