Murals, walls open to the world

The photo murals are photographic images made ​​in large formats that are typically installed, pasted on walls and walls with all the possibilities offered as elements of original and impressive decor. However, photo murals are more than large and beautiful photos. provide fotomurales The magic of creating scenes and impossible spaces, stimulate feelings in observers, give birth to emotions because stays closed to open visual experiences.

Experiences to live them as a decoration very suggestive at home, but, likewise, also function as marketing claim to draw attention to their ability to recreate scenarios. ? can imagine the effect it can leave one of these photo murals in her living room? • You can see in his mind the image of a big city, a warm and close night view, you can imagine the vivid, real representation of a tropical beach from the framing of a wooden pier on an infinite emerald sea or recreate the dense lush vegetation that can be seen from its open wall? S?, it is an experience that can give color and meaning to their experiences, to relax in your home shelter, but may also be a reason to surprise your friends and guests. A cool touch, a call to the exotic, an unforgettable perspective.

From a technical point of view, have the advantage of photo murals that are scanned with sufficient quality and detail resolution to admit sizable enlargements photographs. These images can be reduced obviously, and better yet, cut to accommodate them in the right place you have to be fabulous. ‘s photo murals are composed on paper and stick to the wall like wallpaper, decoration, albeit in a much thinner weight. There are reasons for everyone, topics, subtopics, sub-variants in the room to find that you need to complete the unique decor of your home.

fotomurales Most effective are called illusions that create the illusion of open spaces exist. In her living room, an adjoining room with decor that looks identical room just seems, then opened. It is a curious, friendly and even fun effect. fotomurales captivate The image of unknown faraway places, but they also have the power to stop time. And if not, think of the effect it can have on your relaxation room, which used to yoga, a frozen moment in the sunset on the day the lights start to go off on a dark horizon? See? Murals, walls that open wide to the world dreamed.