Rocking Chair Provides Deep Relaxation

The rocking chair is making its comeback. After he was for decades almost gone, he is in the age of burnout for refuge. His appearance has quaintly put the rocking chair. Many designers have set out to make trendy, sassy and stylish variations of the rocking chair. Priced the rocking chairs are also broadly. We will show current models .

“Rockers stimulates the sense of balance and helps to sort sensory impressions.” With this laconic sentence the children’s rocking chair “Sundvik” meet the copywriter from Ikea the nail on the head.

Swings as the shamans
Swings applies namely next to the drums as one of the best natural techniques by which we can gain access to our relaxed, non-rational consciousness. Millennia ago, swaying her body shaman hours to reach this state. Your trance technique has now been scientifically researched. As the author Joachim Faulstich in his book “Inner Country” reported calls a long-lasting rhythmic swings despite alertness produces a measurable hypnotic state in the brain.

Rocking chair makes you fit for everyday life
So the seemingly dull rockers is on skids all but useless. If one returns to the world of reason for a cozy swing break, you feel wonderfully refreshed. And the one or the other problem has been solved long ago in the subconscious without hours of brooding.

The great-grandfather of rocking chairs
Rocking chairs are circulating since the 17th Century. They were invented once by U.S. residents. At least since 1860, the sturdy “Rocker” became socially acceptable.

At that time the German master cabinetmaker Michael Thonet began producing the “rocking-armchair No.1″, whose wood was bent over the water. Certainly these new bentwood chairs were not cheap. Today they are available, if you are lucky to bid already below 100 euros. It’s good that the swings have become affordable even for people without a thick wallet.