All children at the same room

If the act of decorating a house and have some complication, imagine how it must be when it comes from a large family, there are 3 or 4 kids at home and not all rooms have enough space or you like. For it is clear that touches “play Tetris” and find creative and practical decorating solutions .And that’s what we try to give you today, some ideas for children’s rooms for 3 and 4 children original and a little different, so you can adapt to your home and build a room for children to share their space.

The bunk beds are a perfect decorative solution for problems of bedrooms small children, especially when the number of siblings is more than two. So today we will give you some ideas of inspiration rooms with bunk beds for children and young teens, beautiful designs of four beds in bedroom for boys or girls, in a variety of fun colors and patterns that will attract not only more small but also the largest, with designs of colorful stairs or slides, ideal for a day of fun.

As noted above the bunks more lines are a perfect solution to make better use of available area and allows us to have greater ease of use of the floor. For example, instead of having four beds on the floor that will occupy most of the room, you only have two bunks, one above the other. The remaining space can be used for anything else, as a study area with desk, or leave it open for the children to play.Bunk beds come in many designs and shapes, modern and functional models. The bunk beds are popular for two guys, but there are berths for four. If, for example, only has three beds, you can opt for a bunk bed for 4 and will be a bed available, perhaps for a friend who wants to stay. An important area, vital to live, play and study is the bedroom of children and youth . Rarely are all of the same age or the same sex, but what happens when two older children and a baby ?

In the first picture we see how it could fit 2 beds and a crib in a baby’s bedroom. The beds serve as seating furniture and storage is on the sides of the room. UNOXTUTTI have ideas with space saving solutions, beds with desks removable bridge, trundle beds, loft beds and bunk beds with a third network removable furniture “transformed” to accompany the growth of children meet their needs.

In this process there have been many proposals all aimed at full satisfaction of the special needs of young people today. UNOXTUTTI: the joy and vitality of color, dynamic design with maximum functionality with a dynamic space for innovation intelligent children in the understanding of materials “of movements. Gran expressive power, should have the space of children, to characterize and customize every need with the highest grade of organization.

If you do not have much space, there are also trundle beds triples like the photo above Cerne signature, made ​​from solid wood of the highest quality, with a simple and natural design, very suitable for an environment designed for children, the beds are collected, occupying during the day the space of a single bed, allowing children to use their bedroom comfort to your daily activities.