Basic Tips for decorating your attic

This post has a clear goal, give you some vital clues that, when you dive in the decor of your attic does not fit doubt about how to start. You can put them into practice and you work.This is not a post about trends in this case, or focused on something more aesthetic, it is a very practical clues about use of space and how to leverage these rooms or entire floors .The attic if anything have is magic in abundance, we must know to take.


Think wheels . Everything you can think that you can do well, if it has wheels, even better. The best thing is that you can move easily , this will make life a thousand times easier in an attic. From drawers, to tables, to chairs. Anything goes and it is best if worn.
Organization: everything in its place . It becomes a basic essential to have on hand (and truth) all in a space like this trunks, hanging structures, from vanity to cupboards or shelves.

Extra space . Gaining space is a must, and in spaces so more , if possible. It is best if you have bed, has couch, if you have a sofa, has room for storage, and tables, several shelves to organize things there too.
Boxes everywhere . They are phenomenal and very practical, are well and come in various types: from the most decorative and artistic to the most functional.

The walls are to take advantage (and ceilings) . As we moved everything pendant is wonderful, gain space of where and what you thought completely lost . From TV, to the speakers, to plants.
Open spaces . A good idea is to choose things that make you feel that everything is open: hangers with wheels and fold-away shelves or cabinets without doors, base cabinets or even without them in the corners of difficult access for shoes, etc..
The windows are key, the doors, expendable . Windows with views directly to heaven to enjoy it from the bed, are a luxury and give a light if we accompany the set of white walls and furniture and other tricks. The doors, if what it is to give the feeling of spaciousness and open spaces are not necessary.